KTR is dedicated to providing a family type atmosphere in this chosen sport of Motocross.

Whereby we enjoy the race weekends after putting in a hard week preparation by all to culminate on the race track, with dedication, determination, good team spirit in a friendly atmosphere.

Team structure consists of myself, Hugh Keogh, as Manager/Head Mechanic and my wife as PR & Hospitality. We also have a group of people who have helped and supported us throughout the years when they are available and working in the background.

The main focus for 2014 is supporting Jordan achieving his goals.

We aim to take part in numerous Championships both at home here and in the UK, the following are the main ones:

  • Irish Championship
  • Mci Championship
  • Mci Under 21
  • Ulster Championship
  • BYMX Under 21
  • GR7 2 Stroke

Jordan is that determined and focused for 2014 he is back to full pre race training. He is also studying to become a personal fitness trainer which will help him in his preparation and can also help others on the Team with their training and others on the track. He also wants to complete the MCI coach course, so he can pass on some of his knowledge and skill to up and coming riders.